Preschool & Kindergarten


Mrs. Raissa Alandy
Mrs. Alandy has been teaching at St. Pius since 2010. She has been in the education field for over twelve years as a pre-shool teacher in an International School in the Philippines and as an administrator for a child care facility in Bensenville. She earned her B.S. in Management and her M.A. in Elementary Education from Ateneo de Manila University. She lives in Villa Park with her husband and four children. Mrs. Alandy enjoys teaching young children and feels quite blessed to be part of their early childhood learning experience.

Aide—Mrs. Lori Chromek
Mrs. Chromek has been with St. Pius since 2004. She is an Aide in the 3 Year Old Preschool class (full day) following four years as an Aide in the full day Kindergarten class. She also helps with our Extended Care program. Mrs. Chromek is a graduate of St. Pius ('73) and a member of the parish. She lives in Lombard with her husband and two sons.

Mrs. Tina Long

Aide-Mrs. Karen Williams

Mrs. Carrie Igoe
Mrs. Igoe grew up in Villa Park and attended St. Alexander School and Montini Catholic High School. She earned her bachelor's degree from St. Norbert College and a master's degree from National Louis University. She taught for ten years in Addison before she decided to stay home with her children. She has been with St. Pius since 2008. Mrs. Igoe has two children, both of whom are St. Pius alums, and one child at St. Pius.

Aide–Mrs. Cindy Pace
Mrs. Pace works at St. Pius as an Aide in the Preschool Program. She enjoys her work very much and loves being with the children. Mrs. Pace lives in Lombard with her husband, her three boys and their dog, Stormy.

Ms. Heather Andretti
Mrs. Andretti grew up in Lombard and attended St. Pius X School. She graduated from Illinois State University with a B.S. in Elementary Education in 1999. She began her teaching career at St. Alexander School in 1999, where she taught for 8 years in both third and fifth grade. Mrs. Andretti earned a M.S. in Reading from the University of St. Francis in 2009. She stopped teaching to stay home with her twins, Kyle and Haley, who are in third grade at St. Pius X. She began her career at St. Pius X in 2010 as a substitute teacher. From December 2013-June 2015, she worked as a Preschool Aide. Mrs. Andretti is very excited and eager to return to teaching as a preschool teacher.  

Aide–Mrs. Angela Friguletto


Mrs. Sara Damitz
Mrs. Damitz has been teaching at St. Pius X Parish School since 2000. Prior to teaching at St. Pius, Mrs. Damitz taught preschool for the Village of Villa Park. She earned her B.A. in elementary education from Illinois Benedictine College. All four of her children graduated from St. Pius, and Mrs. Damitz believes that the strong foundation that St. Pius provided her children has been the key to their success.

Aide - Michelle Narlock

Mrs. Colleen Twarog
Mrs. Twarog has been teaching at St. Pius since 2008. She returns to the Preschool Program after having taught second grade last year. She is a graduate of Elmhurst College with a B.A. in elementary education. She lives in Itasca, Illinois, with her husband and five children and is an active member of St. Peter the Apostle Parish. Mrs. Twarog loves working with children. 

Aide—Anna Prell