Principal's Letters

June 20, 2017 

Dear Parents, 

As another wonderful school year draws to a close and we begin planning for the 2017-2018 school year, we spend a lot of time devising class lists, ordering new materials for the teachers and students, and repairing, repainting and refreshing the classrooms. 

We also spend time determining how to best serve our parents and families and strengthen our already vibrant community.  Faced with our calling to develop the parent community and build strong relationships between the parents of our students, we will be undertaking a new initiative during the upcoming school year. 

As you know, our school is heavily dependent on volunteerism in order to staff and run many of our programs.  Both new parents and veteran families are often very interested in helping out but are hesitant to step into a commitment they do not fully understand in terms of either responsibility or time.  

In consultation with the School Board, I would like to implement a new system under which various volunteer projects and programs would be assigned to a particular grade level.   That grade level would be asked to organize and staff an event under the guidance of a past Parent School Association chairperson and strengthen the parent community within that grade level in one fell swoop. 

For example, if fourth grade parents were assigned the Grandparent’s Day Mass and Reception, the fourth grade room parents would solicit the assistance of all of the fourth grade parents in planning, staffing, setting up and cleaning up the Grandparent’s Day festivities in October. 

My hope is that not only will many hands make light work, but that parents will have the opportunity to form friendships with other parents who share their same hopes and aspirations for their children.  All of you have chosen St. Pius X Parish School for your children with the belief that this is the best possible environment in which your child can grow and flourish.  We owe it to ourselves to connect with one another and have our choice affirmed by one another.

More detailed information about the program will be sent home in the August mailing. 

Thank you as always for your support, your understanding and your prayers. 



Daniel Flaherty