Hot Lunch               

St. Pius X Parish School has an agreement with Wholesome Tummies  Cafe for the 2017-2018 school year to provide a pre-paid, pre-ordered hot lunch program for our full day students during the school year.

Parents have the option of ordering on a daily, weekly or monthly basis on-line ach month.  Wholesome Tummies Cafe provides healthy and nutritious lunches for students and allows parents the option to customize the meals to the needs of their children (vegetarian, gluten-free, peanut allergies, etc.).  The hot lunch program is optional and parents can choose to order lunches or just milk.

St. Pius also offers once-a-month optional "fun lunches". These lunches are also pre-paid and pre-ordered. Fun lunches typically consists of pizza or a hot dog, drink and dessert from a local vendor (Pizza Hut, Mickey’s, etc.).

Students who have not pre-ordered a hot lunch will need to bring their own lunch and drink to school. Pop and energy drinks are not allowed.

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