Principal's Letters


January 27, 2017


Dear Parents,

Our school secretary, Ellen Jaros, and I were sharing some stories the other morning when we arrived at the wonderful realization that both her parents and mine would be celebrating their 61st wedding anniversaries this year.  While my parents have passed away, Ellen’s are still with us and still sharing wisdom and laughter and love.

We talked a little about how much the world had changed over that time and also how much of it was very much the same.   We reminisced about family dinners and going to Catholic school and playing outside until the streetlights came on.  And we both agreed it seemed like only yesterday that we were catching lightning bugs and jumping double dutch and struggling to master cursive handwriting.

This year, St. Pius X Parish School is celebrating its 60th anniversary and it is amazing how much the world has changed and how much of it is so very much the same.  Very wise parents and parishioners founded our school to pass along our Faith.  Dedicated and selfless teachers accepted the vocation of helping our children to grow.  And children learned in a challenging and nurturing community that they were created in God’s image and expected to serve as Light to the world.

That was true then and it is true now.  We are so very grateful to those who came before us and we are equally grateful to all of you who invest so much of your time, your talent and your treasure in making this such an amazing school.

At the Gala this Saturday night we will celebrate our rich history and our vibrant present as we prepare for our future.  During this Catholic Schools Week, I ask for your continued prayers and assure you that all of you and your children are in mine.  We are truly blessed to be doing such holy work.



Daniel Flaherty
St. Pius X Parish School