St. Pius X Athletic Board

The St. Pius X Athletic Board consists of coaches, parents, and former athletes.  Members act as an advisory board to our Athletic Director, Mr. Edward S. Sullivan.  The Athletic Board and Mr. Sullivan brainstorm and collaborate to improve the function of Athletics at St. Pius X.  They also brainstorm fundraising ideas.

2016-2017 Members

Mrs. Erin Bruschuk (School Board Liaison)
Mrs. Cathy Batten (Developmental League Coordinator)
Mrs. Courtney Castaneda (Secretary)
Mrs. Mary Lee Burns (Advisor)
Mrs. Deanna Grivetti (Treasurer)
Mr. Marty Hitzeman (Marketing Coordinator)
Mrs. Nicole Irion (Track and Field Coordinator)
Mr. Alex Lizasuain (Advisor)
Mrs. Jorie Maciejewski (Volleyball Coordinator)
Mr. Ben May (Developmental League Coordinator)
Mr. Dan Murphy (Advisor)
Mr. Dave Poirier (Track and Field Coordinator)
Mrs. Renee Reckamp (Special Events Coordinator)
Mr. Dan Ryan (Advisor)
Mrs. Deb Sobieszczyk (Cross Country Coordinator)
Mrs. Aimee Vittorio (Concession Stand Coordinator)