In 2012 St. Pius X parishioners gathered to develop a Parish Pastoral Plan based on the seven elements of parish life: Worship, Community, Leadership, Word, Evangelization, Service and Stewardship. Since that time, there have been many successes as parishioners worked together to implement the identified goals and objectives. During that same period, the plan was fine tuned to reflect the evolving needs of the parish.

Then, in 2015 the Diocese of Joliet presented their Framework for Pastoral Action: Discipleship, Evangelization and Charity. This diocesan plan reflects the desired objectives of this Holy Year of Mercy, when Pope Francis calls on us to rediscover the work of the Father through acts of mercy, kindness and forgiveness.

It also mirrors some of the basic principles of our St. Pius X Parish Pastoral Plan. Because these plans parallel one another, our Pastoral Council formulated an integrated plan: the Diocesan/St. Pius X Unified Pastoral Plan that aims to help our parish to fully participate in this Holy Year of Mercy. The unified plan reveals the relationship between the plans, and it also sets forth specific ways to fulfill their common goals/aims.

The framework for implementing this plan is built around three pillars: Discipleship, Evangelization and Charity. A plan, no matter how well intentioned, doesn’t bring about results. It is what happens next that matters. Going forth in this Holy Year of Mercy, our parish will focus on what we already are doing and how well; and to generate new approaches to meeting our goals.

We ask that you not only pray for success in reaching our goals, but that you answer the invitation to follow the example of our Father by loving and forgiving without limits. We invite you to join us on this journey to spiritual conversion.

Diocesan/St. Pius X Unified Pastoral Plan