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St. Pius X Catholic Community Stewardship of Time and Talent
Comunidad de San Pío X: Compartiendo su Tiempo y Talento

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This form is provided for those who already are involved in parish ministry as well as those who are thinking about becoming involved. Please complete one form per family member.

Councils, Commissions and Boards

Members of Councils, Commissions and the School Board are selected by the Pastor or through a discernment process. Faith Formation Board members are volunteers; if interested please contact the Director of Faith Formation at 630-627-1551.

Please indicate if you are currently a member of a Council, Commission or Board by checking the box below and listing out your current memberships:

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Parish Ministries

You will find a brief description and contact information for each of the ministries on the parish website @ Hard copies are also available in the Gathering Space or at the Parish Office.

Please check the appropriate boxes below and on the reverse side to indicate if you would like to recommit to service and/or if you would like more information on a particular ministry.

For information about the Hispanic Ministry, call the Parish Office at 630-627-4526 x203 or send e-mail to

Please check the box below and indicate the ministries you would like to recommit to service:

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Use the checkboxes below to indicate interest in learning more about a specific ministry.

Christian Administration Commission

Christian Faith Formation Commission

Christian Life Commission

Christian Service Commission

Christian Worship Commission

Ministerio Hispano (Hispanic Ministry)
Quiero Más Informacción

For information about the Hispanic Ministry, call the Parish Office at 630-627-4526 x203 or send e-mail

Special Events/Skills

I am interested in assisting with:

I have a special talent or skill I would like to share with our parish community:

If you are not contacted by the end of November, please contact the Parish Office at 630-627-4526 for assistance.
Thank you for sharing your Time and Talent with the St. Pius X Catholic Community!