In fall 2012 more than 100 St. Pius X parishioners, under the guidance of Pastor, Fr. George Zieba, CR, assembled to develop a new Parish Pastoral Plan: Our Vision of Hope. Participants worked collectively to identify goals and objectives that would support the seven elements of parish life: Worship, Service, Community, Leadership, Word, Evangelization and Stewardship. A detailed report of the outcome of the Assembly was presented to the parish the following March.

The new Pastoral Plan which follows has already renewed the vitality of parish ministries; it is intended to serve as a living document that influences parish life over the next several years.

WORSHIP – Includes all components of worship and the fostering of individual spiritual growth

  1. Promote increased Mass attendance.
    1. Establish a monthly Sunday evening teen Mass in combination with other parishes.
    2. Baptisms at Mass – establish the option to have Baptism either during Mass or on Sunday afternoon.
    3. Periodically assess the spiritual needs of parishioners by conducting a survey.
    4. Designate one Mass per month as a family Mass involving youth and families to plan the music, prayers of the faithful, presentation of gifts, etc.
    5. Examine the length of the Mass to address parishioners’ concerns.
  2. Establish periodic Days of Recollection.

SERVICE – Includes all parish work directed at advancing all social concerns in the wider world, nation and community

  1. Remind all the faithful that we are called to serve.
    1. Explain corporal works of mercy.
    2. Explain the difference between justice and charity.
  2. Identify outreach opportunities inside and outside the parish.
    1. Publish a booklet with outreach opportunities.
    2. Establish outreach objectives for Lent, in addition to sacrifice.

COMMUNITY – Includes the sense of belonging of all members, friendly, welcoming and outreach to parishioners to involve and include them in parish life

  1. Interact with other parishes to grow as a uniform Catholic Community
    1. Communicate with other parishes regarding addressing the needs of our Catholic Community.
    2. Cross promote parish events.
  2. Form small faith communities similar to “Renew 2000” groups.
  3. Welcome visitors at all Masses especially Holiday and Summer Masses.
  4. Reach out to all segments of our faith community to promote inclusiveness in all aspects of parish life.
  5. Solicit input from parishioners to discover types of programs that appeal to them.
  6. Educate parishioners about using our parish website.

LEADERSHIP – Includes the leadership of the Pastor, Pastoral and School Staff, and Ministries. It involves the vision, planning for the future, and evaluating the success of parish efforts

*The leadership of Pastor, Pastoral and School Staff was not addressed.

  1. Develop and promote existing and new leaders, inclusive of teens, young adults, families, etc.
    1. Identify successors for all parish ministries.
    2. Establish leadership training within each ministry.
    3. Make leadership opportunities known within our community.
    4. Build youth leadership opportunities in existing ministries.
    5. Hold quarterly leadership meetings.
    6. Profile parish leadership in the bulletin, on our website and at Masses.
  2. Solicit input from parishioners to identify concerns about parish life; perhaps through the use of a suggestion box.

WORD – Refers to the spiritual formation in the parish, and includes explaining, informing and forming parishioners of all ages in Scripture, Church Teaching and Tradition

  1. Research and promote already existing diocesan programs.
    1. Provide educational opportunities to parishioners about reverence, service and worship.
    2. Schedule session(s) explaining the various parts of the Mass to children enrolled in our school, in our Faith Formation classes and the parish at large.
  2. Create a forum for young adults (approx. 18-30 years of age) to explore scripture, and increase their understanding of our faith.
    1. Develop a Young Adult ministry.
    2. Sponsor several activities within a year.
  3. 3. Develop faith formation programs for adults.
    1. Establish daytime programs for Seniors and Parents.
    2. Identify sustainable programs that appeal to parishioners.
    3. Establish periodic opportunities for marriage enrichment programs

EVANGELIZATION – Includes all efforts to witness to the Gospel especially to the un-churched and non-practicing Catholics

  1. Develop ways to attract new parishioners.
    1. Raise our profile by developing programs that are attractive to the community at large and invite them to attend/participate.
    2. Promote existing programs (press releases).
    3. Use technology to a greater degree.
    4. Take a parish census.
  2. Educate ourselves about successful methods of evangelization employed by other parishes and churches.

STEWARDSHIP – Involves challenging parishioners to share their time, talent and treasure with the parish

  1. Educate parishioners about the effective use of their treasure and areas of specific need.
    1. Demonstrate and educate, in a variety of approaches the rationale for expenditures.
    2. Publish more detailed financial info quarterly.
    3. Seek tuition reimbursement from parishes whose own parish children attend St. Pius X School.
  2. Educate parishioners about our existing ministries and their mission.
    1. Speak at Masses for recruiting and education of parishioners.
    2. Encourage ministry members to recruit additional members.
    3. Encourage “Friendship Sunday” host to provide information about their ministry.
    4. Promote cross-ministry cooperation and communication.
  3. To continue to expand and follow up with “Time and Talent” Appeal.
    1. Increase the use of electronic communication.
    2. Encourage Youth to participate in ministries and planning.
    3. Acknowledge volunteers contributions to parish life.