We are the Body of Christ. Each of us is blessed with unique gifts that are ours to share to build the Body of Christ. Together in our journey of faith, we are called to contribute in different ways. To be good stewards of God’s gifts, we must seek out the best ways to identify those gifts and share them. Together we can truly build the Body of Christ, but it takes the unique talents of each of us. Recalling the words of our Lord, “…much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.” (Lk 17:48) Your full, active participation in parish life will enrich you, our parish and beyond.

Who should join a ministry or volunteer for a special event? All are welcome. Reflect on the following:

  • What’s your special talent? We all have many but sometimes don’t recognize them.
  • How much time can you commit? Some ministries require you to attend meetings regularly; some do not.
  • There are a variety of ways to serve even without joining a ministry or attending meetings. For example, many hands are needed for annual events such as our St. Joseph’s Table and Fall Fest. 
  • Have you ever felt that you wanted to give service to our faith community but didn’t know how? Are you a good organizer, speaker, cook, jack of all trades, lawyer, computer savvy, professional consultant, retired, enjoy working with children?
  • Would you be interested in sharing our faith with our young by teaching or being an Aide for a Religious Education class?
  • Are you more comfortable as part of a team? Or would you rather serve behind the scenes?
  • You may have some physical limitations and wonder how you can serve. Think about spending time with our Lord in our Adoration Prayer Chapel.

You may join most ministries simply by getting in touch with the contact person listed. However, those who serve on Councils,  Commissions or Boards are appointed by the Pastor or are selected through the process of discernment.

The only other prerequisite is for those who are involved with minors on a regular basis and those who may have an opportunity to be alone with children during parish, school or religious education sponsored events. These volunteers are required to attend a Vitus Protecting God’s Children program. This program is sponsored by the Diocese at no cost to the participant.

Please don’t let this prerequisite deter you from inquiring about becoming a volunteer. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and help you through the process. The satisfaction that comes from serving God through service to one another will change your life.

Our weekly parish bulletin posts calls for volunteers for a variety of events.  Also, check the call for volunteers on the HELP WANTED bulletin board in the Gathering Space.  If you are uncertain about participating, call the contact person. Inquiries are always encouraged. Most of all we ask that you prayerfully consider becoming active in our journey of faith through the sharing of your God given gifts.

Fill out the Stewardship  of Time And Talent Form to see how you can get involved today.

Brief descriptions about parish ministries follow. Which one is calling you?


Adoration Prayer Chapel
Most weeks from Sunday to Friday during the hours of 7 pm to  11 pm, the Blessed Sacrament is placed in a Monstrance for exposition in the St. Pius X Prayer Chapel.  You are encouraged to spend time with our Lord in silent worship and adoration.  Wednesday night during the hour of 8 pm to 9 pm, in addition to the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a deacon will lead the Rosary, prayers, intercessions, songs of praise, and blessing.  There will always be someone in the Chapel during posted hours so that you may come and go at your own convenience.  Enter door #8 on the east side of the church building.
Contact: Deacon John and Linda Chan – (630) 941-8918

Altar Servers
Assist the clergy and other ministers at liturgical functions.  Serving starts in the 4th grade. Servers should have received their First Communion, be in the 4th grade or higher, be able to handle the responsibilities.
Time commitment: Must be able to attend Mass at St. Pius X Church.
Contact: Deacon Larry Lissak – (630) 627-4526 x207

Art and Environment
Enhances the interior and exterior of the church building to reflect the spirit of the liturgical seasons of the church year.
Contact: Sallie McGinn – smcginn@stpiuslombard.org

Baptism Preparation
Assists parents and godparents in their preparation for the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism for their child.
Time commitment: Must be available on the first Monday evening of the month to assist with Baptism preparation.
Contact: Kelly Reznicek – kellyrez@comcast.net

Bereavement Ministers
Help families prepare the Funeral Mass. Members also attend the wake,  funeral service, and Annual Mass of Remembrance.
Contact: Ron Olbrysh – (630) 613-9039 – cro922@comcast.net

Boy Scouts
Prepares young boys to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.
Contact: Dan Matasek – (630) 220-3602 – dmatasek@gmail.com

Building and Grounds Committee
Oversees the overall planning and development of parish facilities and the exterior environment.
Contact: John Matyasik – (630) 627-4526  x208

Christian Administration Commission
The Christian Administration Commission supports the Pastor and Business Manager in the management and coordination of financial affairs and physical properties of the parish. It also oversees communications and marketing of the parish.
Contact: Dave Poirier – (630) 620-2410  poirier531@gmail.com

Christian Faith Formation Commission
The Christian Faith Formation Commission is responsible for the ongoing faith formation needs of all age groups in the parish.  The formation of the parish regarding the teaching mission of the Church is the heart and soul of this commission’s work.  As such, the commission  is charged with coordinating and providing life-long Christian formation for all members of the parish.
Contact: Kathy Czaplicki – (630) 629-7179

Christian Life Commission
The responsibility of the Christian Life Commission is to see to the social and community-building needs of the parish; to encourage a balance of activities and ministries that represent and address parish diversity in lifestyle, age, and ethnicity.
Contact:  John DeFalco (630) 627-3462

Christian Service Commission
The responsibility of the Christian Service Commission is to enable the parish community to put into practice the social teachings of the Church. The commission creates and promotes, both at the local level and in the broader community of city, state, nation and world – programs which respond to human needs and work toward justice.
Contact: Jerry Palm – (630) 834-7291   ringsel1@att.net 

Christian Worship Commission
The purpose of the Christian Worship Commission is to provide meaningful communal prayer experiences. It promotes the continuous liturgical and spiritual renewal of the parish community.
Contact: Michelle LoCoco -(630) 567-0373  – piclogallo24@yahoo.com

Council of Catholic Women (CCW)
Promotes parish camaraderie, assists those in need; expands spiritual well-being; and provides funds for the needs of the parish and community.
Contact: Michelle Weiland – (630)209-7479  weiland@hotmail.com

Creative Hope
Spreading joy and hope to others through different creative ways.  Making mats for the homeless, selling handmade goods and donating profits to local charities, creating prayer shawls, blankets, et.
Contact: Maria Wachholz – (630) 495-0767   mariawachholz@gmail.com

Cub Scouts
Supports family life for boys in 1st through 5th grades with the goal of guiding them to be self-reliant, dependable and caring individuals.
Contact: Dominick Romano –  CubScoutPack140Lombard@gmail.com

Strives to provide retreat attendees with techniques, spiritual strength and support to make natural evangelization possible within their various environments.
Contact: Leanne Newman – (630) 627-8509  newman.leanne@sbcglobal.net

 This ministry provides Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast to the homeless, and staffs the DuPagePads site throughout the night on the third Friday of each month, October through April.
Contact: Jerry Palm – (630) 834-7291; cell (630) 248-7598 – ringsel1@att.net

Elizabeth Ministry
Ministry members engage in outreach to women and their families in special times of motherhood; affirming, supporting, encouraging and assisting women in their child-bearing years. Visits are made to women and families who experience pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, infant death, infertility, adoption, and postpartum depression. Meals provided during times of need. Members also assist priest/deacons during Baptisms.
Time commitment: Monthly meetings 1st Thursday 7:00 PM – Participation in activities depending on personal circumstances.
Contact: Marylou Johnson – (630) 620-0087  grandma1j@comcast.net

Environmental Awareness Committee
Dedicated to making St. Pius X Parish environmentally friendly and making parishioners aware of ways to protect God’s greatest gift – the Earth. Ongoing projects include collection and recycling of medications, cell phones and batteries.                                                                   Contact: Parish Office – (630) 627-4526

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Help the priests and deacons in nourishing the Assembly with the Body and Blood of Christ.
Contact: Tom Trefilek (630) 363-7200 – omsil@hotmail.com

Faith and Family Children’s Liturgy
The purpose of this ministry is to invite and encourage families whose children are enrolled our Religious Education Ministry program and our Parish School to celebrate the Eucharist together with their families in order to draw us into a closer relationship with each other and our Lord.  The Liturgy of the Eucharist provides opportunities for every family to share the joy of worship together. 
Contact:  Kristine Gergen – (630) 629-5088 – krismail2020@gmail.com

Fellowship Committee
Oversees and coordinates parish ministries and individuals who sponsor hospitality for Fellowship Weekends, Simple Suppers and the Easter Vigil Reception; assists with special events such as Fall Fest and St. Joseph’s table or as requested by Pastor or Staff.
Contact: Leanne Newman – (630) 627-8509 – newman.leanne@sbcglobal.net

Finance Council
The Finance Council assists the Pastor in his administrative responsibilities through fiscally prudent management of parish finances, and in the administration of parish goods and resources.  Members are appointed by the Pastor.
Contact: Frank Enda – (630) 932-1768 – fjenda@aol.com

Girl Scouts
In Girl Scouts, girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Through a myriad of enriching experiences, such as field trips, community service projects, and environmental stewardships, girls grow courageous and strong. Girl scouting helps girls develop their full individual potential; relate to others, develop values to guide their actions, and contribute to the improvement of society through their abilities, leadership skills, and cooperation with others.
Contact: Anne Goodhart – (630) 519-3359 – annegoodhart@yahoo.com

Hispanic Ministry
Provides for the spiritual needs of the Hispanic Community through weekly Mass in the Spanish language and through Religious Education Ministry programs. 
Contact: Laura Mora – (630) 627-4526  x203

Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus is a worldwide Catholic fraternal organization for men that provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities for service to the Catholic Church, their communities, families and young people.
Time commitment: Monthly meetings 1st and 3rd Thursdays, and participation in service opportunities.
Contact: Jerry Kramer – (630) 629-2342

Bring the Real Presence of God to the St. Pius Catholic Community through the proclamation of the Word at Mass.
Contact: Jeff Molenda – (630) 627-8451

Liturgy of the Word for Children
Provides younger children of the parish who attend Sunday Mass with their families, the opportunity to hear and respond to the Liturgy of the Word for that Mass, as a group, at their age level.
Contact: Laura May –  (1) mayboys4@hotmail.com  (2) (630) 516-3909
(3) Cell (708) 267-0467

Marketing and Communications Committee & Media Team
Promote church, school, and other parish ministries through the weekly bulletin, parish website, Facebook and local publications. Members design and distribute marketing materials, and strive to keep parishioners and the community at large well informed about parish activities.  The Media Team records various events in the form of videography and/or photography for the purpose of promoting parish ministries and preserving the history of St. Pius X Parish for future generations.
General Contact:  Marylou Johnson -(630)627-0087 grandma1j@comcast.net
Media Team Contacts:
   Facebook:  Nestor Acosta:  info@AplusiMarketing.com
   Photography:  Frank Krawczyk (630) 629-5954  fotofrank@att.net
Videography:  Ron Olbrysh (630) 613-9039  cro922@comcast.net
   Website:  Betty Kramer (630) 629-2342  bjk6292342@sbcglobal.net

Marriage Enrichment Ministry (MEM)
Because healthy marriages and families are the cornerstone of society and our faith communities, we believe our parishes need to actively support married couples with many opportunities to strengthen and grow that are practical, experiential, prayerful, celebratory and inspirational.

Therefore, Marriage Enrichment is support and encouragement for married couples to strengthen their relationships by providing opportunities for them to deepen their union by growing emotionally and spiritually.  To become actively involved in this ministry or learn more about it, get in touch with the contact below.
Contact: Karin McNicholas – (630) 699-2391 EasternDuPageMEM@gmail.com

Marriage Preparation
Ministry couples help engaged couples prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage by administering the FOCCUS questionnaire and discussing the results with the couple.
Time commitment: Should be able to work with 2-3 engaged couples per year, and spend one 2-3 hour session per couple. Ministry couples must be stably married for at least 10 years and be trained to administer the FOCCUS questionnaire.
Contact: Deacon Larry Lissak – (630) 627-4526 x207

Immaculate Queen Group
Prays and works together for the salvation of souls, encourages parishioners to have their homes blessed, and to extend the Shrine’s enthronement.  This group assembles and provides rosaries, free of charge to those who request them.  They pray the rosary daily before the morning Mass, and on Wednesday evenings.
Contact: Sarah Giovenco – (630) 629-9165

Mass Coordinators
Mass Coordinators are assigned to a specific Mass each weekday/weekend to ensure that all items necessary for the celebration of Mass are in place, and that all lay ministers: Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors serving at each Mass are present, and if necessary, to find replacements for them. They must arrive at least 20-30 minutes prior to Mass and should make themselves available to the Priest to attend to any details or last minute preparations.
Contact: Michelle LoCoco – (630) 567-0373 – piclogallo24@yahoo.com

Men’s Group: Faith Sharing and Formation
This ministry meets weekly to encourage and build one another up in Christ through friendship and accountability. We help men foster and develop Godly values and virtues by providing the tools and resources that can help identify one’s spiritual gifts and how to employ them. We support one another in living out our vocation as Catholic men who are fathers, husbands, disciples in the work place, and servants in the church.
Contact: Mark Reznicek – (630) 915-5954 – mrez.for.jesus@comcast.net

Ministers of Care
Bring the Eucharist to parishioners who are homebound, hospitalized or in nursing homes.
Contact: Mary Ann Wright – (630) 941-0762

Ministers of Hospitality (Greeters and Ushers)
Greeters assist parishioners and visitors to our church via a warm welcome and by answering their questions. Ushers find seating, take up collections and assist with the Communion procession.
Greeters Contact: Frank Krawczyk – (847) 385-4109
Ushers Contact: Bill Sutton – (708) 668-8631

Mission Experience
Provides an opportunity for people who wish to experience a short term mission.   The Diocese has several missions, each with its own requirements for skills, health and time commitment.
Time commitment: 7-14 days per mission
Contact: Deacon Larry Lissak – (630) 627-4526 x207

Music Ministry (Instrumental and Vocal)
St. Pius X Parish provides many opportunities to join in worship through song in both solo and ensemble settings. Interested musicians of all ages and voice/instrument type are encouraged to join.
Contact: Kirsten Currie – (630) 386-5525

New Evangelization Ministry (NEM)
This ministry seeks to rekindle or deepen a love for Jesus Christ and the Gospel by providing a variety of opportunities and resources to parishioners at all stages of their faith journey, to empower them to share the Good News with others.
NEM Contact: Barb Harazin – (630) 629-7596 – bharazin@comcast.net

Pastoral Council
The Pastoral Council  strives to be representative of the St. Pius X parish community; and to provide leadership in carrying on the mission of the Church through a spiritually based vision for the Parish. Members are selected through the process of discernment.  
Contact: Frank Birner –  (630) 816-5527   smc3979@aol.com

Peace and Justice
The purpose of this ministry is to increase awareness of and to promote peace and justice issues, and to act when necessary and capable. Currently, this ministry is inactive. We ask that you prayerfully consider becoming involved in this ministry which is at the heart of Christian life.
Contact: Parish Office – (630) 627-4526  parishoffice@stpiuslombard.org
or Deacon Larry Lissak (630) 627-4526

Religious Education Advisory Team
The Religious Education Advisory Team (RE) is comprised of RE staff, catechists and parents,  The Team meets 3-4 times per year to support the Religious Education Ministry directors in an advisory capacity.   Team members will assist in reviewing and discussing curriculum options; in setting, monitoring and evaluating the success of the program and its goals; and in promoting the program.   
Contact:  Elizabeth Becerra – K-5th Grades
                     Jill Connolly – 6th-8th Grades
                    (630) 627-1551  religioused@stpiuslombard.org

Religious Education Ministry
Provides grade school children who attend public school and their families, the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of our faith, and deepen their relationship with God.
Contact:  Elizabeth Becerra – K-5th Grades
                    Jill Connolly- 6th-8th Grades
                     (630) 627-1551  religioused@stpiuslombard.org 

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.)
Prepares adults who wish to enter the Catholic Church; also prepares baptized Catholics who have not made their First Communion and/or Confirmation.
For preparation of adults, contact the Parish Office – (630) 627-4526 – parishoffice@stpiuslombard.org
For preparation of children, contact the Religious Education Office –
(630)  627-1551  – religioused@stpiuslombard.org

Sacramental Preparation for Grade School Children
Provides grade-school children and their families with the teachings that will enable them to grow closer to the Lord and His Church, while they are preparing for the reception of the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation.
Contact:  Elizabeth Becerra – K-5th Grades
                    Jill Connolly – 6th-8th Grades
                    (630) 627-1551   religioused@stpiuslombard.org

Support the liturgy by laundering and caring for altar linens, and altar server robes.
Contact: Michelle LoCoco – (630) 567-0373 – piclogallo24@yahoo.com

Accepts and teaches the Good News and develops each child’s character, intellect, and identity to provide them with a foundation for a life modeled on Jesus Christ.
Contact: Mrs.Toni Miller,  Principal (630) 627-2353  – tmiller@stpiuslombard.org

School Board
The cornerstone of our school’s success is found in the leadership provided by our parishioners and parents.  The St. Pius X School Board serves as an advisory committee to the Pastor and Principal, dedicated to improving our school to benefit all our students.  The Board develops and defines the policies which govern the operation of our school and promotes the implementation of said policies.  All policy decisions shall be consistent with the policies and directives of the Board of Education of the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois.  Parents and parishioners are invited and encouraged to become involved in the present and future direction of our school.  Members are selected through the process of discernment.
Contact:  Julie Roknich    julie.roknich@gmail.com 

Senior Citizens Group (V.I.P.’s)
Senior citizens enjoy fellowship by participating monthly in luncheons and  social activities.
Contact: Carolyn Holst (630) 620-1035   rhclmattie@yahoo.com   or
                  Sharon Rakowski (630) 805-2405  sharonsrakowski@gmail.com

Society of St. Vincent dePaul 
The Society assists people in our community in need of food, clothing, rental assistance, utility assistance, and other emergency needs. 
Time commitment: Meetings occur on the 2nd and 4th Sunday each month at 9:00 AM. Society volunteers assist clients during regular posted pantry hours. Other activities include home visits, clothing drives,  Thanksgiving food distribution and Poinsettia deliveries.
Contact: Wally Newman – (630) 815-9434 – wwn127@sbcglobal.net

SPRED (Special Religious Development)
The SPRED program is for disabled individuals who cannot receive catechesis in a Catholic school or Faith Formation setting.  The overall program is run through the Archdiocese of Chicago and serves four age groups: 6 -10, 11-16, 17-21, and 22 and older.  The St. Pius X Ministry serves the 22 and older group.  Each participant meets one-on-one with a catechist.
Contact: Jackie Stawiarski – (630) 495-4610 momsgirls4@gmail.com

Stewardship Council
The Stewardship Council assists the Pastor in the development of a Catholic community atmosphere whereby the spiritual as well as the social needs of parishioners can be realized through a total stewardship program of Time, Talent and Treasure. Members are appointed by the Pastor.
Contact: Mark Reznicek  (630) 915-5954  mrez.for.Jesus@comcast.net

Vocation Ministry
The mission of the St. Pius Vocation Ministry is to call all parishioners to their primary vocation in life which is holiness.  By promoting and educating parishioners about the secondary vocations of the priesthood, religious life, marriage, and single life, we hope to help all discern God’s will in their lives for their secondary vocation.  The work of this ministry is to pray and to develop uplifting, encouraging, educational activities that create a fertile environment so that God can plant the seed, and that the Holy Spirit can water that seed in the hearts of individuals.
Contact:  Ken LeBeau –  (630) 818-6261 – lebeau.kj@outlook.com

Welcome Committee
Committee members contact newly registered parishioners to welcome them to the parish, provide information about parish organizations and answer their questions.
Contact:  Marylou Johnson  – (630) 620-0087 –  grandma1j@comcast.net

Contact:  Youth Ministry
The St. Pius X Youth Ministry is for any middle school, 6th-8th grade, and high school student interested in growing their faith, serving the community, and having fun with friends. The Youth Ministry at St. Pius X Parish partners with our Faith Formation program and together we seek to disciple teenagers through education, service, community, prayer, worship, and the sacraments.
Contact:  Jill Connolly – (630) 627-4526  parishoffice@stpiuslombard.org

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