In need of catechist

Our Monday, 1st grade catechist is no longer able to volunteer. If you have a strong relationship with God, please consider donating your time to our ministry. Our children are eager to learn about God and it is our responsibility as Baptized disciples to help others strengthen their relationship to God.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Becerra.

Children’s Mass

All children enrolled at St. Pius X School or Religious Education are invited to participate in the monthly Children’s Mass. Please see the dates below.

December 24: 8th and 1st grade (4:00 p.m. Mass)

January 28: 3rd and 6th grade 

February 25: 2nd and 4th grade

March: (no Mass has been scheduled due to Easter falling on the first week in April)

April 1: 5th and 7th grade

April 29: 8th and 1st grade

You may sign up to participate by clicking here.

Please contact Elizabeth Becerra or Mark Restaino if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

For questions, comments or concerns, please contact: 

Elizabeth Becerra, DRE (grades K-5):

Mark Restaino, Youth Minister (grades 6-high school):

You may also email our general mialbox:

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