Frank Birner
Council Chair Frank Krawczyk
Vice Chair and
Liaison to Deanery
Michelle LoCoco
Chair Christian Worship Commission
Dave Poirier
Chair Christian Administration Commission 




Kathy Czaplicki
Chair Christian
Faith Formation Commission

Betty Kramer

Abraham Rodriguez
Hispanic Ministry Liaison

Jerry Palm
Chair, Christian Service Commission
Liaison to Finance Council

Kelly Weiland
Liaison to School Board

Pat Incrocci
Liaison to Stewardship Council


THE PASTORAL COUNCIL OF ST. PIUS X Parish is a vehicle for fulfilling the pastoral mission of the parish by nourishing growth among the parish family, by sharing of spiritual gifts and talents and by encouraging quality relationships among all in a community of prayer.

The Council, after prayerful consideration in consultation with the Pastor:
       Formulates parish policies
       Fosters good communication
       Provides leadership by clarifying parish vision
       Establishes goals
       Witnesses the Gospel message in the larger community and
        the world.

It aspires to provide a spiritually based vision for the Parish. The purpose of the Council is to prayerfully engage the people and the Pastor in common reflection about the parish’s mission and ministry; to plan and to evaluate in light of the Gospel and Church teaching.

The Council strives to always be in communication with the Parish. Council members work to strengthen relationships among the Council, Staff, Ministries, and all parishioners. Council members should encourage and implement a vision to meet the present and future needs of St. Pius X Parish with an awareness of the goals of the Diocese of Joliet.

The Council encourages prayer, discernment, and reflection as part of all of its gatherings.

Members of the Pastoral Council, Finance Council and Stewardship Council should work together to insure their particular missions do not overlap or conflict with one another.

Pastoral Council Structure

The Council should be comprised of up to twelve lay members including a Young Adult member, all of whom must be baptized, practicing Catholics; at least 18 years of age and registered parishioners.  All lay members of the Council are voting members.  The Pastor and Deacons are standing voting members.

Liaisons from the Finance Council, Stewardship Council, and School Board attend Pastoral Council meetings, but they are not voting members.

The Pastor or his designee presides over the Council. Officers of the Council are a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson and a Secretary. Standing or Young Adult members are ineligible to serve as Council officers.

Members of the Council should be as representative of the parish community as possible, and should possess the talents and spiritual gifts that enable them to fulfill the pastoral mission of the parish. The Pastor must ratify all actions of the Council. Lay voting Council positions are listed below.

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Christian Administration Commission Chair
  • Christian Faith Formation Commission Chair
  • Christian Life Commission Chair
  • Christian Service Commission Chair
  • Christian Worship Commission Chair
  • Communications
  • Hispanic Ministry Liaison
  • Liaison to Deanery
  • Liaison to Finance Council
  • Liaison to School Board
  • Liaison to Stewardship Council

Selection Process

The members selected for the Council are to be of deep faith, and open to the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The members should be concerned more about God’s will rather than their own.

Membership on the Council is open to all baptized, practicing Catholics of the Parish.

Members of the Council are selected through a process of discernment at the Annual Meeting for Discernment.  The Young Adult member shall be selected by the Pastor.  

An announcement about the Annual Meeting for Discernment should be made to the entire parish not less than 90 days in advance of the meeting and the whole parish should be involved in the nomination process.

At the initial discernment, one-third of the lay members are chosen for a term of three years, one-third of the members are chosen for a term of two years, and one third of the members are chosen for a term of one year.

At each subsequent annual discernment, one-third of the lay members are chosen for a term of three years to fill the vacancies caused by members whose terms are due to expire. The term of the Young Adult member is one year. 

Pastoral Council Meetings

All members of the Parish are invited to attend Council meetings as observers. Regular meetings of the Council are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Parish Office Meeting Room.

The meeting agenda is decided upon in advance by the Pastor and Chairperson, based on an understanding of the ongoing needs and concerns of the parish.  Parishioners may submit items for the agenda in writing to the Pastor or the Chairperson but such items should be received in the Parish Office no later than two weeks before the set meeting date. This stipulation also applies to those who wish to speak about a matter of interest at a Council meeting. After presentation and discussion, the Council will take under advisement such items and respond appropriately to the person, group or parish at large.