Leanne Newman
Leanne Newman
Andy Stoltman
Andy Stoltman
Liaison to Administration Commission
Mary Kate Ciapponi
Mark Reznicek
Mark Reznicek
Council Chair
Liaison to the Finance Council
Ken LeBeau
Liaison to the School Board

stewardship_picThe mission of the The St. Pius X Parish Stewardship Council is to assist the Pastor in the development of a Catholic Community atmosphere whereby the spiritual as well as the social needs of parishioners can be realized through a total stewardship program of time, talent and treasure, resulting in a sense of belonging, involvement and commitment for each St. Pius X parishioner.

Stewardship includes the concept of safeguarding – using wisely and justly – our human and financial resources. It is frequently expressed as a call to give our time, talent and financial resources to God, especially through the Church.

Stewardship is part of our Catholic tradition and who we are as Church. God is the source of all we have and are, and we can learn to see ourselves as sharing in the work of God by the way we live; by the way we use our time, talents and treasures.

One of the fruits of stewardship is that people begin believing “this is my parish, and I need to help it!” Stewardship engenders an attitude of ownership and pride with the parish. Parishioners begin to see needs and offer to meet those needs through their time, talent, and treasure.

Without prayer, most people cannot be a steward. Having a relationship with God is necessary before one can take the leap of faith that is required of a steward.

To learn more about the three pillars of Stewardship and how your life as a Christian can be enriched, please click on the Our Stewardship link.

Stewardship Council Structure

The Stewardship Council should have no fewer than five and no more than nine members, all of whom must be at least 18 years of age or older; baptized, practicing Catholics; and registered and active parishioners.

The Council should include one member of the Pastoral Council and one member of the Finance Council as non-voting members.

At the establishment of a Council, one-third of the members are chosen for a term of three years, one third of the members are chosen for a term of two years, and one third of the members are chosen for a term of one year. At the end of each subsequent year, one third of the members are chosen for a term of three years to fill the vacancies caused by lay members whose terms are due to expire.

Members, during their term of office, may not be members of the Pastoral Council or the Finance Council, except with the approval of the Pastor.

The Pastor or his designee presides over the Council. Officers of the Council are a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson and a Secretary.

Stewardship Council Selection Process

Members are appointed by the Pastor based on recommendations from members of the Stewardship, Finance and Pastoral Councils.

Council members should be vision minded. They must recognize how the broad spiritual and practical aspects of living stewardship as a way of life can form and change the lives of individuals and families. They should strive to insure that St. Pius X Parish is, and will be, an ongoing viable and vibrant place to meet and sustain the needs of parishioners and adjust, as necessary, to changing demographics.

Those selected to serve on this parish’s Stewardship Council should be individuals who are well organized in terms of time management and in identifying and setting goals, objectives and related priorities necessary to facilitate an annual/ongoing, efficient and effective stewardship process in the parish.


Regular Council meetings are held monthly, except in the month of December. Special meetings may be called by the Pastor, Chairperson or by quorum,

All members of the Parish are invited to attend Council meetings as observers. The meeting agenda is decided in advance by the Pastor and Chairperson.

Parishioners may submit items for the agenda in writing to the Pastor or the Chairperson. Such items should be received in the Parish Office no later than two weeks before the set meeting date. After presentation and discussion, the Council will take under advisement such items and respond appropriately to the person, group or the parish at large.