shrine_updated2National Shrine of
St. Pius X Catholic Church, Lombard, Illinois

On October 11, 1954, Pope Pius XII established the feast of the Queenship of Mary to be celebrated annually on August 22nd. At that time, a small group of priests, religious and lay people in France formed the movement, “The Work of Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe.” They began by distributing around the world an inspired and unique image of Our Lady as Queen, a powerful prayer in her honor containing the imprimatur of bishops in many languages and a simple yet efficacious home enthronement ceremony.

Bishop Romeo Blanchette, Diocese of Joliet, when giving his imprimatur stated, “I gladly give my permission in honor of our Lady.” With the approval of Bishop Blanchette and the support of Msgr. Joseph A. Wagner, pastor of St. Pius X Parish, on May 31, 1974 our parish became the first in the United States to formally establish a shrine under the title of Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe, thus designating it as the national shrine.

The main shrine and central focal point of the Movement is in Bois-le-Roi, a small village approximately 30 miles southeast of Paris, France. A relatively young community in the Roman Catholic Church, the Fraternity of Mary Immaculate Queen is under the episcopal authority of the Bishop of Ars, Monsignor Bagnard.

Especially in the last 20 years, many young people have joined the Fraternity as consecrated brothers and sisters, called to a life consecrated in love, in the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience. Daily Eucharistic Liturgy and Eucharistic Adoration is at the center of their lives. In 2003 there were 90 consecrated brothers and sisters, 14 priests and eight seminarians. The French seminarians attend the French Seminary in Rome.

The Fraternity is the heart of a spiritual family, the Family of Messengers of Mary Immaculate Queen. Those seeking a closer relationship with the Mother of God and her Divine Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, have their homes enthroned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and His Mother. To welcome them into one’s home is to welcome the love of the Sacred Heart and His complete victory over evil and to invite the maternal, tender, and active presence of His Mother and Queen to obtain daily graces in striving to live a deeper Christian life.

Regular visitations from members of the Fraternity unite the global Family of Messengers of Mary Immaculate Queen from many countries including France, Ireland, Great Britain, Argentina, Lebanon, Africa, and locally, in the United States: Kennewick, Washington, Cleveland, Ohio, and St. Pius X Parish, Lombard, Illinois.