In this weeks’ bulletin we published a list of Parish Improvement and Security Projects. These projects were studied by the Buildings and Grounds Committee and reviewed by the Administration Commission.

Projects recently completed included:

  • Installation of 32 security cameras throughout the campus with monitors in the Parish and School Offices
  • New LED parking lot lighting on the Madison/east and south sides of the campus
  • Re-roofing of 5 overhangs on the school building
  • New windows in the Mary/Martha/Chapel Rooms
  • Tuck pointing work is in process, if you want to visually see some tuck pointing issues we have you can look at the north-east corner of the building behind the chapel

The next projects will be:

  • New LED parking lot lighting on the Westmore side of the campus, this project will be funded by ongoing contributions
  • Re-roofing of the Mary/Martha/Chapel Roofs, this project will be funded from proceeds of the Francis House, the former convent that was sold in December.

Other projects on the list:

  • Parking lot repaving, this will be done in four stages over several years with a total cost of around $350,000.
  • Building a secure school front entrance
  • Rebuilding the Social Center Restrooms
  • Canopy over the Madison Church entrance
  • New school windows and air conditioning in the two story section of the school
  • Church audio/visual system
  • Church lighting
  • Digital Marque

These projects will be done over time and as contributions allow the work to proceed. Contributions can be made through the Parish Improvement Envelopes in the mailed packets, envelopes that are in the pews or with on-line giving.

Thank you for your generosity in the past and God willing your generosity in the future. I will be in the Martha Room if any has any comments, questions or would like to discuss any of these projects. Thank you for your time, enjoy the holiday weekend!


Project List – Updated May 2018

  • Additional Security Cameras                 $10,415 – complete
  • Westmore Parking Lot Lighting,  Poles/Fixtures $13,898–Installation $20,944
      Total $34,842          Poles/Fixtures ordered 5/21/2018
  • Roof Repairs $39,000 for overhangs complete
    $30,757 for reroofing Mary/Martha/Chapel Roof and
    repairing east side of Social Center roof.
    Contract signed 5/21/2018
  • Tuck Pointing $13,200 this spring Total work needed $59,000
    Work in Progress
  • Parking Lots Repaving $76,500 to complete Westmore lot
    $56,355 south end of School/Social Center
    $103,530 east side of property
    $113,033 Madison Lot
  • Digital Marque $37,442
  • Parking Lot Potholes Restriping $900 Potholes Done
  • Canopy-Madison Church Entrance $19,270
  • Social Center Restrooms $112,000 to $141,000
  • School Entrance $181,000 to $251,000
  • Concept Drawings Restrooms/Entrance $5,200 Contract signed 5/16/2018
  • Church Lighting Under review
  • Church Audio/Video System Under review
  • School Windows/AC Under reviewGod’s Peace, John Matyasik